05. Practice Information

A quick summary of Practice Information

Practice Information contains information about your site and is the home page for managing your health outcomes goals and baselines, and your Centering staff and Steering Committee. You may update this information as needed and will reference it during the creation of your Annual Report.

5.1. Practice Information

The initial screen displays all the practice information pulled into CenteringCounts online from CHI's database. If you have both CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting, click on each model to see the details associated with each. The model information is based on the Readiness Assessment your site submitted online.

Practice Info

5.2. Edit Practice Information

Selecting the EDIT INFO button enables some of the fields for editing. The site license # and expiration date, parent organization and approval status are based on CHI's database and not editable. If you have any questions about these fields, please contact your Practice Services Manager.

Edit Practice Info

Click on SUBMIT to save the changes.

5.3. Edit Goals And Baselines

Goals and Baselines are only available for CenteringPregnancy at this time. Selecting Edit Goals gives the user access to update the site's goals, baselines and the source of each baseline for the CenteringPregnancy health outcome listed. This information is reflected in the Quality Measures charts on the dashboard and are used in your Annual Report.

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5.4. Manage Steering Committee

Steering Committee members may also be staff, or be representatives from a partner organization. If you identify a Steering Committee member as staff, you will create a staff member who is identified as a member of the Steering Committee.

Manage Steering Committee

  1. All the Steering Committee members are listed here
  2. To edit or delete a member, use the edit or trash icons in the last column
  3. You may sort by first or last name by clicking on the column header

5.5. Add / Update Steering Committee Member

You may add additional Steering Committee members by selecting the button to add. An existing Steering Committee member can be updated by clicking on the edit link by his or her name. Clicking on the red trash will delete the selected member.

Add Sc Member

5.6. Manage Staff

Manage Staff displays a table with all of your Centering staff and attributes that enable you to assign them to groups, send them annual surveys, define their role in Centering, and track what official CHI facilitation training they have received.

Manage Staff

  1. All the staff members are listed here
  2. You can search the specified staff using search filter,
  3. Add a new staff member, and
  4. Edit or delete a staff member

5.7. Add or Update Staff

You may add or update staff members (based on their permissions) and generate invitations for other staff to use CenteringCounts.
The fields with the red asterisks are required. Each staff record must have a unique email address. You may edit the Provider Type, Centering Role, Model, and the Permissions of your staff. To invite a new CenteringCounts user at your site, click the "Create CenteringCounts User" box and select their level of permission for use: Full Access, Manage Groups only, Read only or Reports only.

Add Update Staff

5.8. Remove user access

You may remove another user's access from your organization by unchecking the "Create CenteringCounts User" checkbox.