04. Manage Groups

A overview of group management.

4 1 Manage Groups
This page displays a list of Centering groups entered into CenteringCounts.

  • All groups with status of In Progress, Completed, and Cancelled are shown in this table.
  • Above the list are filters which allow you to filter the list by Provider, Model, or Group Status.
  • You may sort the table in by clicking on the column header to sort by the selected column. Clicking more than once toggles between Sort:DESC and Sort:ASC.
  • Click on the name of a group to view the details of that group.
  • There are three icons on the right side of each group row.
    • Edit - Click this icon to edit the group name, session schedule, facilitators, and language.
    • Delete - Click on this icon to delete or cancel the group. Note: Deleting a group and its data is a permanent action and can not be restored. If you do not wish to delete the data for the group, please choose the cancel option.
    • View Schedule - Click on this icon to view the details of the group.
  • There are two function buttons at the top right:
    • Create Group - Create a new group.
    • Merge Groups - This button will allow you to merge two groups. To activate the button, check the box in the merge groups column next to two groups.

4.1. Create New Group

To create a new group, click on Create Group.
Both CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting share a standard set of fields and processes, but each also has its own unique attributes and processes based on its scheduling and measures.

Create New Group

When you select the standard Centering schedule, the session dates are automatically set up based on the standard Centering schedule for that model. You can edit dates after the standard schedule is created. If you do not use the standard Centering schedule, you will add each group manually by clicking the + symbol to the left of "Session numbers will automatically reorder based on their dates." Adding a session will give you a session ten days out.
Language = the language the group is conducted in.
All provider and staff facilitators need to be in your staff list so that you may assign them to groups. To edit your staff list, click on the Practice Info tab and select Manage Staff.

4.2. Group Detail Page

The Group Detail page is shown when you select a specific group from the Manage Groups screen.

Group Detail Page

• The pane;s on the left shows a quick view of the group and its status
• The body of the table shows the attendance details for each patient of the group
• The search box allows you to filter the table data
• The green ✔’s and red ✖’s show patient attendance
• Users can click ‘Add New’ to add a new patient to this group
• Users can edit the group
• Users can add or edit outcomes of each patient
• Users can update the patient details by clicking on the patient's name

4.3. Edit Group

The Edit Group functionality lets you edit and update the group details and add or remove sessions.
The sessions automatically reorder based on their dates.

Edit Group

Please click on SAVE CHANGES to save updates made to the group.

4.4. Add Patient

Once the group and the sessions have been created, the user will be able to add patients to the group.
The presence of a red asterisk indicates a required field. If you are not using First and Last Name, you must enter a unique External ID of your choice.
Clicking on the ? displays the help text describing the field.

Add Patient

4.5. Update Patient

Users can update the patient details by selecting the patient in the group.

Update Patient

4.6. Change Patient Group

In the dropdown menu, select the group you wish to move the patient to and click submit. The patient will be moved to the selected group.

Change Group

4.7. Remove Patient

A user may remove a patient from the group by selecting the ‘Remove from group’ button on the Update Patient group screen.

To remove a patient, a reason must be selected from the ‘Reason for leaving group” dropdown menu.

Once a reason is selected, the Submit button is enabled and the patient is removed from the group upon clicking Submit.

Remove From Group

4.8. Restore Patient

In the case a patient is removed from a group by mistake, it is possible to undo the change and add the patient back to the same group or a different group with the same model.

To Restore a patient

  1. Enter the patient's name (full or partial) in the Search box on the blue menu bar
  2. Select the restore option ("refresh" icon) next to the name of the patient to be restored

Restore Patient 1

  1. Select the group you want to restore the patient to from the drop down

Restore Patient 2

  1. Confirm to restore the removed patient to the appropriate group

4.9. Add / Update Attendance

Once the session date is active, click on the + sign to mark a patient's attendance or absence. If the patient is absent, add the reason for not attending from the dropdown before submitting.

If the patient is absent and a reason has been selected, a yellow information flag holding the reason for absence is displayed. The user can access the attendance window by clicking the yellow flag and updating the attendance as needed.

4 9

4.10. Add / Edit Outcomes

Patients will have specific outcomes related to the model of care they are receiving. Once the patient attendance has been marked, the Add/Edit Outcome flag is enabled. These outcomes can be added from the ADD OUTCOMES screen.

4 10

4.11. Merge Group

In the event you decide to combine two small groups, you can select MERGE GROUPS button and retain the care and session records under the continuing group.
Select the groups to merge by checking the box under ‘Select to Merge group’ column. Once the groups are selected, select the primary group from the selected groups. All the patients of the remaining groups are merged into the primary group.
Once the primary group is selected, click on CONFIRM to proceed with the merge.

Merge Groups 1