01. General Information

System Overview

CenteringCounts® is an online data system designed to help obstetric and pediatric practices:

• Manage the scheduling of Centering groups
• Enroll patients into Centering groups
• Track patient attendance at group sessions
• Record patient demographics, birth, and health outcomes
• Monitor and report on key model fidelity and sustainability performance indicators
• Monitor and report on Centering patient outcomes by demographics
• Comply with CHI’s annual reporting requirement to maintain site accreditation
• Compare practice performance relative to established goals, benchmarks, and the larger Centering community of practices
• Maintain practice level data such as addresses, contacts, and site level statistics

While CHI hopes that sites will use CenteringCounts to its fullest capabilities, sites are free to implement some or all of the functions of the CenteringCounts solution to best suit their needs. At a minimum level, practices will use CenteringCounts to maintain their contact data and file annual reports with CHI. Ideally, sites will also provide patient outcome data to support aggregated reporting of Centering patient outcomes against a variety of demographics.


Platform - InterSystems HealthShare

CenteringCounts is built on InterSystems’ HealthShare, a health informatics platform for strategic interoperability and analytics for action across a hospital network, community, region or nation; the same platform underpinning several leading EHR systems used in hospitals and health systems across the U.S.

To ensure safe communications between the various components, HealthShare includes support for SSL (2.0 and 3.0) and TLS. All data in motion is encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol.

Hosting - SingleHop

Hosting is provided by SingleHop, a leader in the hosting space, utilizing a HIPAA compliant Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This means the environment(s) are isolated from any others, there is realtime 24/7 monitoring and logging for any security threats or vulnerabilities as well as performance. Communication to and from the environments is secure (VPN) or encrypted (web traffic SSL/TSL).

In order to facilitate the needs of CenteringCounts, we deployed a private cloud. In conjunction with this deployment we partnered with Alert Logic in order to achieve HIPAA compliance.

In order to comply with HIPAA, it is required that log data is reviewed, an Intrusion detection solution is implemented and that it conducts regular vulnerability scans to help strengthen the security programs and protect PHI. The Alert Logic HIPAA Compliance suite provides broad coverage for HIPAA requirements and keeps health care applications and infrastructure secure. As a managed security and compliance solution based on a SaaS delivery model and a 24 x 7 Security Operations Center, Alert Logic keeps healthcare applications and infrastructure secure without the need for additional resources or lengthy deployment cycles that traditional security solutions require. Click here for a detailed explanation of the Alert Logic HIPAA Compliance suite.