00. FAQ

CenteringCounts Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the changes I am making to the bottom half of the Practice Info page not saving?

A local system setting may be blocking communication between the browser instance of CenteringCounts and our Salesforce database. Please check with your IT Dept.

When I save my Annual Report, the report flashes across my screen but I do not see the PDF in my View Reports page. Why is this happening?

Most likely the client-side javascript running to generate the PDF is being blocked or failing. When the report flashes across your screen you are seeing the HTML version of the PDF attempting to be created. Please check with your IT Dept.

Why can I not add or update Staff or Steering Committee members?

Editing or adding Staff or Steering Committee members requires that pop-ups are enabled in your browser. Please confirm that your browser is not blocking pop-ups.

Most likely your email security level does not allow you to see links from non-local URLs in emails. Please check with your IT Dept.

I have completed all the steps to submit my Annual Report but the submit button is not lit up. What am I missing?

Make sure that any red or yellow flags on the Model Fidelity and Sustainability pages have comments. If you have been going in and out of the Create Annual Report page, you may need to click on each tab (Model Fidelity, Sustainability, Patient Outcomes, Cost Savings) once more. Once your report has submitted successfully, you will see a link to the Annual Report PDF in the View Reports tab. Please also note that there are TWO surveys that need to be completed: the staff survey and the EE (essential elements) surveys. You cannot submit until at least one of each survey has been completed. See section 6.2 for details.