03. Dashboard

The dashboard is made up of four quadrants.

3 Dashboard Whole

Left Top - Site Information

The dashboard displays your site's information related to Centering and contact information for your CHI Practice Services Manager and CHI Consultant. To update your site information, click on the Practice Info tab and select Edit Info.

  • Site license - Your site license number.
  • Site license expiration date - The expiration date of your site license. Please make sure to renew your site license prior to this date to avoid any disruptions to your CenteringCounts or portal access.
  • Location address - Your practice's address. If the correct address is not listed you may change it on the Practice Info tab.
  • Site approval status - Current status of your practice's site approval.
  • Annual report due date - Due date of your next annual/continued approval report.
  • Implementation plan active through - This appears if you have an active Centering Implementation Plan (CIP) and displays the date the CIP is active through.
  • CHI Practice Services Manager - This is the contact information for your practice's Practice Services Manager (PSM).
  • CHI Consultant - This appears if you have an active CIP and provides the contact information for your CHI Consultant.

Left Bottom - Quality Measures

The quality measures panel provides a live snapshot of your outcomes data for the last 365 days. If you are a multi-model site, you can toggle between CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting using the toggle in the top right corner of the panel.

You may select which quality measures* to display on your dashboard via the dropdown in the upper right of the panel. You may select a different set of quality measures for CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting. To enter goals and baseline data, click on the Practice Info tab and select Edit Goals.**

*Up to 6 quality measures may be displayed at a time for each model.
**Goals and baselines are only supported for CenteringPregnancy at this time.

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Right Bottom - CenteringConnects

This panel displays most recently commented on threads on the CenteringConnects online community. You can find a board dedicated to CenteringCounts online here.